Technical specifications

The TWIN Rocker Machine comes in two versions. LT stands for long track and ST for shorttrack.

TWIN Table

The LT version of the TWIN Rocker Machine has been designed and manufactured especially for long track speed skaters. The TWIN-LT sharpening table provides a perfectly perpendicular clamping position of the blade, along the whole length. For skates with “bent” blades, have a look at the TWIN-ST, for shorttrack.

TWIN Sharpening table

When the sharpening table is used together with the TWIN radius sharpening machine and the templates with desired radius-profile, sharpening, polishing and deburring will be very easy. After the templates have been clamped, the DREMEL® driven sharpening machine with diamond head can easily be positioned on the template guides. Thanks to the adjustment screw, the setting of the grinding height requires little effort. After this the TWIN will do the rest. Move the sharpening machine back and forth using little pressure, thus copying from the template to the blade. The TWIN uses a standard, easily available multitool for powering the cutting head (the DREMEL® is included in the delivery). It is easy to replace and relatively cheap. Through the use of rechargeable batteries, operation will be possible without a local AC power source The DREMEL® is also suitable for mains voltage of 110~230V and 50/60Hz. Regardless of where you are: in Heerenveen, Hamar or Vancouver.

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Product overview

Dimensions: 540 mm length, 200 mm width, 20 mm material thickness (!). Weight: 2 kg. Version: anodized aluminium, black/orange. Folding legs with adjusting bolt for stability, also on unlevel surfaces. Perfect perpendicular clamping of skate via a 2x turning cam/slide and two clamps per blade. Symmetrical assembly is possible through calibration on each side. Ready for all operations in one assembly! Accessories included: two templates with one radius at choice (20~27 m.).

TWIN Sharpening Table ST: version for Short Track with bend and short folding legs

TWIN Sharpening Table LT: version for Long Track without bend and long folding legs

TWIN Sharpening Table MINIMO: Single assembly, suitable for ST and LT templates and sharpening machine
Dimensions: 110 x 105 x 273 mm. Weight: 4,3 kg excl. accessories. Dremel® multi tool.
TWIN Duo Templates Short Track
TWIN Duo Templates Long Track
The DREMEL® multi-tool, included in the delivery, has its own battery. Choose an extra battery to be on the safe side. Suitable for every mains voltage (110~230VAC, 50/60Hz).
For replacement TWIN Sharpening Machine
For the manual control during the polishing and deburring the separately available micrometer is an essential instrument. Available in synthetic material, black colour.
Flight case with compartments and soft padding. Also available for the TWIN MINIMO.
Except for the allen key(s), that are included in the delivery, we can supply a complete toolset. This toolset consists of: screwdriver, combination pliers and socket wrenches of various sizes.

How to order your
TWIN Rocker Machine 3.0

Ordering the TWIN is easy: just send us an email with your requirements and we will reply with a quotation including shipment fees. You can also use the webform underneath. After receiving your payment your order will be shipped.

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