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The LT version of the TWIN Radius Rocker Machine has been designed and manufactured especially for long-track speed skaters. The TWIN-LT sharpening table provides a perfectly perpendicular clamping position of the blade, along the whole length. For skates with “bent” blades, have a look at the TWIN-ST, for shorttrack.

TWIN-ST sharpening table: the basis for symmetrical polishing

The TWIN-ST sharpening table is the most compact, light and stable solution in the world for clamping and polishing in one assembly! Further information ...

The TWIN-ST radius sharpening machine enables the sharpening with utmost accuracy and a minimum material loss. Even without electric socket!
Further information...

Complete the TWIN Radius Rocker Machine with the right accessories and you will have the most compact and portable sharpening shop in the world. Shorttrackers may order this machine at SebraSports as well.

Radius tool

Carrying case

The Cutting Edge Precision Tool
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