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The TWIN Radius Rocker Machine:

The Cutting Edge Record Braking Precision Tool

In order to achieve the best performances, the skater needs to rely on the equipment and nothing is more sensible than a perfectly sharpened skate. With the TWIN Radius Rocker Machine getting and keeping the skate in top condition will be easier than ever before!

The perfect radius, always perpendicular. Cutting, polishing and deburring in one assembly!

The TWIN Radius Rocker Machine is the most compact radius sharpening machine in the world. Easy transport, lightweight, an always stable assembly and usable without electric socket. Cutting in any radius desired. Without the sharpening machine the TWIN-sharpening table offers the perfect assembly for polishing and deburring, with both blades in one assembly for perfect symmetry. Skaters who long to belong to the top, cannot do without the TWIN Radius Rocker Machine!

Click on Longtrack or Shorttrack for the specifications!

More info? Order directly? Call +31(0)653 348 515 or mailto info@twinrockermachine.com

Radius tool

Carrying case

The Cutting Edge Precision Tool
E-mail: info@twinrockermachine.com or call: +31(0)653 348 515

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