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Precision Tooling

Chris Beuker's design of the TWIN has with the knowledge of Oane Visser been translated into a high-tech precision tool. When engineering the TWIN much has done to reduce as much as possible the internal tolerances. Thanks to a reduction of the number of components, the application of stainless steel axles with dustproof bearings and the realization of a very rigid assembly, the highest possible accuracy has been reached.

The TWIN Radius Rocker Machine is hand-assembled in small quantities. All components are CNC manufactured. Hard anodic coating treatment (xx mu) in a combination of grey, silver and bronze has been applied to the aluminium table with extendable supports.

Clever design

In order to ascertain easy application of the TWIN and, at the same time, accurate sharpening, both the sharpening table and the radius sharpening machine are equipped with some clever features. For the assembly and clamping of the blades two clamps per skate are used, the design of the clamp surface securing a perpendicular position, along the whole length of the blade. The calibration applied enables a symmetrical assembly of both blades.

The method of clamping determines the difference between the TWIN longtrack (LT) and shorttrack (ST) version. Except for the precision templates (available in standard radii from 20 to 27 m.) the TWIN-ST isn't flat, but equipped with the desired curve of the blade for short track speed skating.

The templates are available in standard radii, but a personal radius or a combination of various radii into one template can also be realized. These made-to-measure templates will be defined together with the skater in order to obtain the secret formula for the best performances.

Quality and durability guarantee

Durable materials and high quality assembly and finishing have been applied during both the development and manufacturing process. Therefore the TWIN is a real precision tool, guaranteeing the perfect sharpening of skates.

Radius tool

Carrying case

The Cutting Edge Precision Tool
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