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Chris Beuker, founder of The TWIN Radius Rocker Machine

Topsport and technique is a logical combination according to Chris Beuker, founder and initiator of the TWIN Radius Rocker Machine. 'The achievement of the highest performance requires perfect technique,' says Chris Beuker. 'To achieve the highest possible level of technique thanks to which the skater will be able to achieve the best performances that's my personal challenge!'

For many decades already Chris Beuker has been active in World Cup skating. He has closely followed all technical developments and personally contributed to many innovations. 'The clap skate obviously meant a huge leap forward. But we wanted more. A skate needs to slide and, at the same time, provide grip for the push off, but it musn't dig into the ice. With the aid of lubricants we may be able to realize such a skate.'

The 'oilskate' isn't on the market yet, but it indicates anyway to what degree Chris Beukers observes the importance of the correct sharpening of ice skate blades and the distribution of forces on the ice.

'The biggest problem during or just before matches isn't so much the sharpening for which exist efficient machines. It's the skater who wants to polish his skates himself, in the hotel or even on the rink. Without the proper equipment or professional experience one probably will eliminate the perfect radius when polishing or the traverse will no longer be perpendicular. For this purpose I developed the TWIN-sharpening table and the TWIN-radius sharpening machine. In this way the sportsmen themselves will be able to keep their skates in top shape without being dependent upon complicated large machines, expertise and uncontrollable tolerances. The TWIN is the solution to all this.'

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